What We Do

We turn your ideas into successful beauty & personal care products
SV Labs offers technical capabilities, innovative formulations and end-to-end services in a broad range of product split categories.

Everything Under One Roof

When it comes to the breadth of our technical capabilities, SV Labs has few rivals. Whatever type of personal care products you’re looking to launch, we have the skills and equipment to support you.


If you’re looking to produce fun bath bombs and shower tablets, you’ve come to the right place. Applying SV’s unique rapid dissipation technology, we launched our first effervescent products in 1998 and we’re now the market leaders in this category.

  • Bath bombs
  • Shower tablets
  • Single dose household tablets
    • Autodish
    • Laundry

Liquids & Filling Technology

Take advantage of SV Labs’ deep expertise in liquids and filling technology to produce clean and natural, sulphate-free body wash; body butter with a creamy, rich texture or skincare serums with a high concentration of active ingredients.

  • Body butters and lotions
  • Body and hand washes
  • Skincare and body care
  • Hair care

Hot Pour

If you’re developing scrubs, deodorants, soap or lip balms, we’ve got the technical capabilities and equipment to produce all of these, and any other hot pour products.

  • Natural deodorants
  • High viscosity muds and masks
  • Body scrubs, salves and balms

Salts & Powders

Get ready to deliver healing minerals and delicious fragrances to bathtubs everywhere. We blend salts and powders with a huge variety of colors and scents, to be packaged in bags or jars.

  • Bath salts and soaks
  • Body and hair powders

Cannabidiol (CBD)

We’re a leading co-manufacturer of CBD products – for deeply nourishing and therapeutic topical skin treatments.

From the Drawing Board to the Retail Shelf

Whatever type of personal care products you’re looking to launch, we have the skills and equipment to support you.

Product ideation & development

Work alongside our chemists and account specialists to create your next best-selling product.

Package sourcing & warehousing

Let us help you source the perfect package. Choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles, including re-purposed and recycled materials. (We can also store your packaging on site, if needed).

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Compliance

Our Quality Assurance Group tests the first batch of your new product to make sure it meets expectations on quality, safety and functionality.

Scale-up to a pilot

Our chemists, quality experts, engineers and production director work together to ramp up manufacturing volume for full commercial production - ensuring the product is successfully reproduced at scale.

Filling & finishing

We take care of pack-out, labeling, induction sealing, shrink wrapping. Et voilà! Your product is ready to ship.

Administrative support

In parallel to the services above, SV Labs provides practical support in the form of project management, bills of material, production planning, EDI setup and shipping documentation.

What’s Your
Next Product?

Create a new product with one of our base chassis as your starting point. We have a bank of over 3000 market tested formulas!

Or take advantage of a ready-made concept from our in-house development team.

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