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Leading developer and co-manufacturer of beauty & personal care products

Smith and Vandiver Laboratory is now

40 years of experience

Whatever your starting point,
we ensure you reach your end goal.

SV Labs is a California-based co-manufacturer with a fantastic 40 year track record. We leverage the latest technology to serve all kinds of businesses, from niche start-ups to established household brands. Talk to us about your product development plans and entrust us with your manufacturing, and we guarantee you the quality, capacity and speed you need.

Looking for an experi­enced innovation partner?

Take advantage of SV Labs’ innovative mindset, proactive approach and deep industry knowledge to expand your product portfolio into exciting new areas.

Our dedicated, professional teams are always on hand to discuss your latest ideas. And an effective development-to-launch process means your new product launch will hit the market at just the right time.

Ready to refresh your portfolio?

Tap into a strong pipeline of new product ideas to update your portfolio. Whatever your starting point – be it a particular product formulation, price point, volume or timing requirement – we’re here to ensure you reach your end goal.

As an SV Labs customer, you get access to all this and more:

Quality & Compliance
without compromise

We never compromise on safety and quality.

Attentive Service

As an SV customer, you don’t get passed around.

Fall in love with your formula!

How we bring
your ideas to life.

“We’ve been doing this
since before it was cool.”

We’ve been making clean and sustainable beauty and personal care products for over 40 years, starting with the establishment of California Cornucopia in 1970.
Visit our timeline to learn about the SV story.

About SV Labs

“Meet your co-manufacturing partner for where the industry is going.”

Whatever type of personal care products you’re looking to produce, we have the skills and equipment to support you. Discover SV Labs’ range of technical capabilities, product expertise and end-to-end service offer.

What we do

“Whatever your starting point,
we can help you reach your end goal.”

An original CA lifestyle brand, SV Labs has always been inspired by our environment. Our service-minded, detail-oriented teams are on hand to share their vision and expertise with you …and to help your business succeed.

How we work
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